Preparation for the application process

So you are in high school, and the prospect of going to College may seem exciting, as well as exasperating. You have waited the day that you can finally leave and start living independently. But with this emotion, comes a lot of responsibility. First, is the enormous task of fill and submit the application forms, which can leave thinking of where to seek help.

Create a curriculum vitae
You should start preparing for the long and slow process when you're in the last year in high school. Create a resume that lists their academic qualifications, extracurricular activities, and work experience, in your case. Resume must present itself as a safe and individual student, and emphasize their high points. Formulate is such that it will become an important and effective instrument in their application process.

Choice of schools
It is necessary to make a list of colleges to apply to. This may seem puzzling at first, as there may be several universities that offer courses that want to follow. Keep things simple reduction of the list of five or six "most likely" schools. Please note that all applications which will cost you a fee request, which is not refundable. Take the help of their parents, and also your friends who are already in college and will guide you in the right direction, or even your school counselor, which is probably the most well versed in your academic record. The factors that determine the choice of schools would be costs, courses offered, location of the University, and the facilities that are offered (recreational, residence students, laboratories, computing, extracurricular activities, sports, etc.)

Make a visit to the College (s) of your choice. Take a tour of the campus, you will be given an idea of college life soon to be yourself experiencing. Chat with students and ask their views about the University, including courses, teaching methods, sports and leisure facilities, bedroom facilities, etc if you have the opportunity to know and collect all the important people contact numbers (professors, career, representative admission counselors, etc), what do you think will be useful to you during the process. Feel free to ask questions, the University will practically be your home in the next few years.

Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT)
The SAT reasoning test is used by universities as a reference point to offer scholarships to students. A high level on the SAT is very important. A good result will help you get admission to a prestigious University, as well as better your chances of receiving financial aid. Chalk out a plan of study, take expert advice and buy good books for self-study. Even can you enroll in tutoring classes or online which prepare students for SAT test. Get a lot of practice, solving simulated tests. Identify your weak points so that you can work on its improvement. If you are interested in applying for an "early action" or "early decision", perform your SAT in October, since these processes required to send their applications in November. Be sure to send your SAT and SAT subject test for all schools wishing to apply.

Letters of recommendation
Letters of recommendation from teachers and counselors, and employers are also required, however if you have any work experience. Ask for the cards in advance, and then monitoring of the respective individuals to verify that his letters have been sent on time.

Writing essays
Essay is an important aspect of the implementation process. Write your essay carefully. It is your best opportunity to show its strengths and achievements. Make a draft before writing. Point out the things that are not part of his curriculum vitae, or details on the activities and experiences mentioned therein. Write things about yourself that will highlight their merits, and that they told in an interesting way. Or, you could exchange ideas and choose from a wide variety of topics to write. Avoid writing on controversial topics. Use a simple and lucid language. Once you have outlined the project, it is the time to finish. Take a feedback about your own writing of a family or trusted friend, someone who will offer you an unbiased opinion. Check very carefully. Read and reread the essay.

University admission
Try to complete the final process before November or December. Before submitting the application, copies of each application for your records. If you need financial help,

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